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How To Become Part Of The Kevlar Family.
Reservation Procedure And What To Expect.
We do not do first come first serve. We take part in the puppy picking process. If you tell us you want a high drive, large, IPO type or show quality Doberman to a low drive pet quality pup on the smaller side that is what we will try to match you up with. Dobermans are not like Golden retrievers that will fit into any family environment. We try to match the best pup up to the perspective buyer to try to insure best possible life for both the pup and you! We take great pride in our breeding program and want to make sure to give each pup the best chance at a good family home; and to make sure your life continues to be happy and joyful! The $500 deposit to reserve a puppy is non-refundable, unless otherwise noted, because we want the "committed" buyer, not someone who is hastily looking for a pup. Our pricing structure is as follows: $2000 pet quality i.e. significant flaw as in a large white spot on the chest, $2250 standard size on the smaller side with a light frame, $2500 mid-size Doberman with a substantial frame/bone structure, $2750 large European type but may be a little out of proportion in the frame, $3000 large European type with a proportional frame. Our pups or sold with limited registration. If you're looking to show or breed please contact us about full registration. We accept cash, check or credit cards. Checks and credit cards are accepted for the deposit only. We do ship Domestic and International.




Kevlar Dobermans is dedicated to preserving and promoting the health and well-being of the breed, and educating the public on responsible pet ownership.

This questionnaire is for informational purposes and to begin a dialog between you and the breeder to help insure you are making the correct decision and to help the breeder to best determine which Doberman puppy will best suit you, your family and your environment.

–Thank you in advance for taking the time and care in making this educated decision.



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