Lifetime Breeder Support
Call, Email or Text any time you have a question or a problem, no matter how insignificant it may seem. We would be happy to give our advice to try to solve the issue. We are always happy to try to help.
Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
If at any time during the life of a Kevlar Doberman, the pup is found not to be compatible with the situation of the original purchaser, the pup may be returned (along with their AKC certificate) to Kevlar, and be replaced at no charge. The owner’s “word” is all that is needed for the replacement. And if at any time during the life of your Doberman, your living circumstances change, you may return the dog with no questions asked.
Money Back Guarantee
One third of the purchase price may be refunded if your Kevlar Doberman receives a Championship, CD or CDX, or any of the 1, 2, or 3 Schutzhund titles. If a total of three titles are earned, a 100% refund of the purchase price is available.
Show Guarantee
If the Kevlar Doberman purchased for show is shown with concerted effort and proper handling and does not finish by the age of two-and-one-half years, return the dog and the AKC certificate to the kennel and he will be replaced at no additional charge.
Lifetime Guarantee Against Hip & Elbow Dysplasia
If at any time during the life of a Kevlar Doberman, he/she is found to be crippled from dysplasia, return him/her to the kennel, along with AKC certificate, and we will replace the dog at no additional charge.
Lifetime Parvo Virus Guarantee
If your Kevlar Doberman dies from Parvo Virus, return the AKC certificate along with the laboratory verification certificate and death/euthanasia certificate both with the microchip number documented on the certificates and we will replace the puppy at no additional charge.
12-Month Health Guarantee
If your Kevlar Doberman dies or is crippled by Distemper, Hepatitis, or Leptospirosis within twelve months of age, return the AKC certificate and death/euthanasia certificate with microchip number documented on it and we will replace the puppy at no additional charge.
12-month Guarantee Against Congenital Defect or Disease
If your Kevlar Doberman develops a condition dating from the prenatal stage, return the puppy to the kennel with the AKC certificate, and he/she will be replaced at no charge.
Limitations of Guarantee
The guarantee applies to the original puppy only and is non-transferable. The puppy must be in good physical condition and ears must be standing. No replacement will be given for males or females that have been bred, neutered or spayed. The puppy or adult dog must be returned to the kennel. The owner is responsible for transportation costs to and from the kennel. Kevlar’s Dobermans are each individually identified with a unique microchip number. Microchip numbers must be documented by your veterinarian and must be on all documents and correspondence.
Effective January 1, 2015
All puppies leave Kevlar Kennels with 2 Parvo and 2 Distemper. If you allow your vet to give any shots, except Rabies and Kennel Cough, in the first six months it voids all the guarantees. Your puppy has all its puppy shots except possibly rabies and kennel cough. Repeating vaccinations is not healthy and can cause autoimmune failure. It is further recommended that a lyme, lepto, corona and giardia vaccination after 6 weeks of age is pointless. Never get talked into repeating vaccination just “to be sure they are vaccinated.” If your pediatrician suggested that for your child, you would walk out. If you do give a booster make it once after a year of age and then your dog is set for life except for a rabies.

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